Can Romney Pay for A Larger Navy Fleet?

Romney's Navy vision might be too pricey.

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GOP White House candidate Mitt Romney is telling Americans along the campaign trail that President Obama's Pentagon spending plans would "diminish our military." Obama is proposing retiring hundreds of older Air Force planes and Navy ships to save money, while also cutting 100,000 soldiers and Marines. In sharp contrast, Romney wants to add 100,000 troops and build 15 war ships annually-six more each year than under Obama's plans.

The Navy's shipbuilding plan likely will cost $21 billion each year. And in a time of shrinking Pentagon budgets and congressionally mandated spending caps, analysts say it would be difficult to pay for more modern Navy ships. But they do see a path to turning the promise into reality: By either cutting other things in the Pentagon's arsenal or raising taxes. Analysts warn, however, that both options face big political roadblocks.