Friday Chart Roundup: Booze, Bathrooms and Baltimore's Decline

The best charts of the week track food quality worldwide and revisit some famous movie quotes.

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This week's best charts went well beyond everyday economic data, and in some cases ventured into the seemingly unquantifiable territory of movie quotes. Below are some of the most fascinating visualizations that appeared in the last week.

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One Area Where the U.S. Is Winning: Toilet Access – This chart from shows the U.S. (labeled "Etat-Unis" in this French-language visualization) is among the many developed countries leading the world in access to modern toilets. Meanwhile, many nations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, lack even this basic feature of modern sanitation. South Sudan, the world's newest country, is at the bottom of the list.

... and One Where We're Way, Way Behind – Really, guys? France drinks more whiskey than we do? How is that even possible?

The Rise of Los Angeles and the Fall of Baltimore – In this simple graph, Peakbagger tracks U.S. cities ranked by population over time. The result is a picture of westward expansion (Los Angeles' fast climb) and mass exodus (Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland).

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Famous Movie Quotes as Charts – You've got to admire this guy's commitment: FlowingData's Nathan Yau put the seemingly unchartable into chart form this week, making one visualization for each of 100 famous movie quotes. To call some of them charts is maybe a stretch (No. 85's "My precious," for example), but some are downright genius. Because as "A Streetcar Named Desire" taught us, one's well-being is positively correlated with the number of strangers who are around.

The Best Place to Eat? The Netherlands – An Oxfam study ranks food worldwide on quantity, quality, affordability and population health, and puts all of the data into a slick visualization tool. The results show the Netherlands, Switzerland and France are tops, while Chad is the worst place for food in the world.

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