Friday Roundup: Kale and Women in the Movies

The latest crop of fascinating numbers in the news includes trendy veggies and top-grossing movies.


It was a week where numbers took center stage, with the War on Poverty anniversary and the monthly jobs report dominating a lot of the news conversation. Amid all of the bird's-eye-level assessments of the U.S. economy, here are five examples of data storytelling you might have missed:

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Americans Aren't Buying Soup. When was the last time you bought a can of soup? If you're like a lot of people, it's been a while, and Quartz has the data to prove it. Both in North America and worldwide, soup consumption has fallen off dramatically since 2008.

Australians, New Zealanders Live Longer. Visualizing data on every country is never an easy task, but the people at were (appropriately) the people to do it. This infographic breaks down life expectancy by continent and exposes all sorts of things a simple spreadsheet wouldn't – the life expectancy gap between northern Africa and the rest of the continent, for example, or that Australia and New Zealand have far higher expectancies than most of the rest of Oceania.

Women Sell Movie Tickets. Think Hollywood is a purveyor of antiquated sexist attitudes? OK, it sort of is. But that doesn't mean the American public will spend money on it. In a recent PolicyMic post that was all over Facebook last weekend, Elizabeth Plank found that among the top movies of 2013, those that passed the Bechdel Test also pulled in more money. (In case you were wondering, Data Mine broke down the numbers, and yes – lady-friendly movies averaged higher grosses as well.)

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Buzzfeed Owns Your Facebook Feed Now. If you've noticed that nonsensical quizzes and '90s nostalgiahave taken over your Facebook feed, it's not just you. Newswhip reported Friday that in December, Buzzfeed surpassed the Huffington Post as the top publisher on Facebook.

Kale Isn't That Big a Deal. Washington Post's Wonkblog shows why everybody's favorite trendy vegetableisn't as hot as you might think.

Bonus: A Century of Rock Music. Though it's apparently a couple of months old, it's too good not to include.This visualization (highlighted by Flowing Data this week) traces the origins of rock and all its myriad connections, from spirituals to Nugaze – all in less than a minute.

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