Liz Cheney Senate Ad Touts 'Deep Roots' in Wyoming

In ad, Cheney daughters explain their mom's "deep roots" in the cowboy state.

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Since she announced her candidacy for the Senate, Liz Cheney has had one heck of a time convincing Wyomingites she's from their neck of the woods.

She's hoping her daughters can make the sale.

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In a new ad released Monday, Cheney's three daughters appear in a 30-second spot recounting the family's "deep roots" in the cowboy state. They tell the tale of how the Cheney family arrived in Wyoming in 1852 after walking the Mormon Trail and explain that Cheney's great grandfather settled in the state in 1907 where he worked as a ranch hand. Even the women, they say, played a major role in shaping the state. Cheney's grandmother was the first female deputy sheriff in Natrona County, Wyo.

Most notably, however, the ad reinforces the family name and reminds Wyoming residents that Cheney's father, Dick Cheney, served as vice president with George W. Bush.

"We are proud of our grandma and our grandpa. He was vice president of the United States," one of Cheney's daughters says.

"We are very proud of our mom who is running for the United States Senate," another adds.

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Cheney has five children who all appear at the end of the campaign ad.

The ad buy, which comes far ahead of the August primary, signals just how competitive Wyoming's GOP primary has become. Cheney's team spent an estimated $40,000 on the promotional ad, which will run this week. The spot is the second in two weeks.

Since getting into the race against three-term incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., the battle between the two conservative stalwarts has focused largely on Cheney's long absence from Wyoming. The Enzi campaign has painted Cheney as a carpetbagger and called attention to the fact Cheney spent most of her working life outside of Wyoming. Cheney held posts at the State Department and co-founded Keep America Safe, a conservative foreign policy think tank in Washington. Until last year, she lived with her family in the Washington suburbs.

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The ad comes following a very public spat in the Cheney family, with sister Mary calling into question Liz Cheney's opposition to same-sex marriage. Mary Cheney has a married partner, Heather Poe. Even Dick Cheney got into the act, coming to the support of Liz.

The latest poll, which was commissioned by a pro-Enzi super PAC, shows Cheney trailing Enzi by 52 percentage points.

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