Latest Polls: Swing States Swinging Romney's Way

Romney maintains his debate bump, tightens the race, in latest round presidential polls.

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The presidential race is nearly a statistical tie, according to the latest round of polling that shows Mitt Romney has yet to relinquish the advantage he gained after the first presidential debate. In addition to the national tallies, the all important swing states seem to be tilting away from Obama.

Two large national polls released over the weekend, each of which surveyed around 1,000 likely voters, give a slight edge to Obama. In a Washington Post-ABC News poll, 49 percent of those surveyed preferred Obama and 46 percent Romney. A Politico-George Washington University survey also found 49 percent favored Obama, but showed a closer race, as Romney pulled in 48 percent.

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The Real Clear Politics polling average puts the candidates in a dead heat at 47.3 percent.

The latest surveys in swing states show Romney winning or gaining ground in New Hampshire, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado.

Florida, in particular, is improving for the Republican challenger. Three separate polls show Romney in the lead or within the margin of error there. A Public Policy Polling survey found that Romney has gained five points in the state since the first debate, buoyed in part by increasing support among the Sunshine State's Latinos.

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Romney has also done well in Colorado polls of late. He trailed the president for much of the year there, according to RCP's polling average, but has pulled ahead in October. A Denver Post-Survey USA pollreleased Sunday had him slightly ahead, though within the margin of error, 49 percent to 48 percent.

These latest polls found Obama maintains small leads in Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin and Iowa, but remains behind in both Virginia and North Carolina.

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