DCCC Director Doesn't See a "Wave" This Year in the House

DCCC executive director says Democrats aren't likely to win in a landslide in November.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee isn't counting on a Democratic wave in 2012. In fact, they are not confident they will take back the House of Representatives and regain the speakership this fall.

"Honestly, we have to see where we are [on election day]," says Robby Mook, executive director of the DCCC. "Today, we are in a neutral environment. It is a pretty steep climb in a neutral environment. It's tough."

The Democrats have targeted 25 House Republicans in their "drive for 25" and have 50 red-to-blue districts, spots where Democratic candidates have raised significant funds and are strong enough in the polls to be competitive on election day.

The DCCC says they have a "big playing field" and 66 districts held by Republicans where Obama won in 2008.

But with nine weeks to go, Mook says it's still too close to call for either party.

"If the election landscape shifts, if we go into election day with plus five on the generic ballot, we have a good shot, but today it is a steeper climb."

There have been three wave elections in a row with Democrats winning big margins in 2006 and 2008 and Republicans sweeping the house in 2010 when 87 freshman Republicans were elected.

But Mook says this year look like both parties are going to be clawing until the end.

"The dynamics of the presidential race are going to be very important as the Republicans move out of certain states," Mook says. "That could help or make it more challenging for some of our candidates. Today, we are not in a wave, but two months is a long time."

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