Obama Campaign Spending Furiously As Romney Takes Control of Money Race

Romney's side raised big in June, while Obama spent heavily, federal election filings show.

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The Obama campaign committee spent a tremendous amount of money in June, at a rate of nearly $2 million per day, according to federal elections filings submitted over the weekend. The president's committee outraised Mitt Romney's, but spent $58 million—more than it brought in and twice as much as Romney's campaign spent.

Though the Obama campaign raised $45 million to the Romney campaign's $33 million, his fundraising team raised significantly less than Romney's when outside groups are taken into account. Together with the Republican National Committee, Romney's side raised $106 million in June, whereas Obama raised $71 million.

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When the candidates' Super PACs are included, Romney's money advantage widens. Altogether, Romney's side (the campaign, RNC, and his Super PAC, Restore Our Future) raised $126.7 million in June and has $101.8 million on hand. Obama's side (the campaign, DNC, and his Super PAC, Priorities USA) raised $88.1 million in June and has $109.2 million on hand, even with the aggressive spending spree of the last month.

In addition, pro-Romney groups raised significantly more and have more cash on hand than pro-Obama ones.

Obama's reliance on small donations abated slightly in June, while Romney's increased, due to the $5.5 million raised off of the Supreme Court's healthcare ruling, according to the campaign. Still, less than one-fifth of Romney's donations were $200 or less, while those small donations constituted half of Obama's haul.

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The president's fundraising isn't all small donations. His campaign released an updated list of bundlers—people who raise large sums on his behalf—last week. These 638 people raised at least $36 million for Obama's campaign since April, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. These bundlers aren't always ordinary citizens: Newark Mayor Cory Booker raised between $200,000 and $500,000 for the campaign over that time period, and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley raised more than $500,000.

The Obama campaign releases its bundlers information voluntarily, as did former President George W. Bush and Ariz. Sen. John McCain during his 2008 candidacy. Romney has repeatedly refused to release information on its bundlers beyond the tiny fraction required by law.

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