Victorious Gov. Scott Walker Gives Mitt Romney Some Political Advice

Walker advises Romney on how to win the state of Wisconsin.


Hot off his recall win, Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker has some advice for Mitt Romney: Roll out a catchy slogan and pick budget hawk Paul Ryan as your vice president to gain the edge in the badger state.

"It doesn't have to be '9,9,9' or something like that," Walker said at a breakfast with reporters Thursday. "I do think it is something that voters need to hear him talking about over and over again."

If Romney's unsure who to model his campaign after, Walker suggests he tear a page from former President Ronald Reagan's playbook who promised strong defense, free enterprise, and social conservatism.

"I think there are a lot of lessons Governor Romney and others could take from President Reagan," Walker said. [5 Lessons for Team Obama from Scott Walker's Recall Election Victory.]

In 1980, a high unemployment rate and stagnant economy created the perfect storm for Reagan to make the race about a referendum against Carter, but Walker said it was catchy questions like "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" that stuck with voters when they reached the polls that year.

"You have to make the case of why you need someone new in office," Walker said. "But that alone is not enough. You've got to have a vision, you've got to have a message."

While, Walker says there are lots of solid veep choices for Romney, the Wisconsin governor admits he's rooting for Rep. Ryan.

"I am bias for Paul," Walker says. "He's a cheese head like me."

The conservative budget architect would add depth to Romney's economic credentials at a time when the country's fiscal challenges are a top priority, Walker says.

"I don't know anyone... who is better equipped," he added.

In terms of Romney's chances in the swing state of Wisconsin, Walker says his own victory doesn't guarantee the Massachusetts governor a win.

"I imagine 2012 will be close," Walker said adding that Obama's smashing 2008 victory in the state was an anomaly. [See a Photo Gallery of Wisconsin Voters Heading to the Polls.]

Wisconsin exit polls showed Obama ahead despite the Republican governor's wide margin of victory.

"Our state is going to flip back and forth from now until November," Walker said. "If Romney's going to have a shot in our state, you cannot win with just Republicans."

"The way he wins is if voters instead of seeing that R and just thinking Republican, they think of reformer," he added.

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