Oops. Labor Department Undercuts Romney, Says Fewer Women Lost Jobs Under Obama Than First Thought

Romney campaign has said that women lost over 90 percent of jobs under Obama...but it may be closer to 57 percent.

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A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that Mitt Romney is even with President Obama among women who are registered to vote, 46 to 44 percent. But the Romney campaign is about to lose one piece of ammunition in winning women away from the president.

The Romney campaign has often repeated that 92.3 percent of the jobs lost during the Obama administration were those held by women. However, this week it became clear that that figure may not be accurate. The Labor Department has issued a correction for its Current Employment Statistics, the dataset that the Romney campaign used in determining that 92.3 percent figure. Some female Postal Service employees were mistakenly not included in that data. The Labor Department says that the corrected data will reflect a higher total of women workers.

The Romney campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the matter, but the Labor Department's mistake may mean that it will have to alter its messaging, or at the very least change an infographic or two. As the Wall Street Journal reported, economist Stephen Bronars has estimated that 56.5 percent of jobs lost during the Obama Administration were women's jobs—still a majority, but nowhere near as shocking as 92.3 percent. The Labor Department says it will reissue affected data series in June.