Warren is part Cherokee, Genealogist Says

Dem. Senate candidate is part American Indian


Just in case anyone was concerned that the did-she-or-didn't-she flap over whether or not Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren used a claim of minority status to advance her career was based on a lie, a Massachusetts genealogist has the answer: it wasn't

According to Christopher Child of the New England Historic and Genealogy Society, a document from 1894 confirms Warren's great-great-great grandmother was a Cherokee. That would make Warren 1/32 American Indian, according to media reports.

Warren is embroiled in a tight Senate race against incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who's campaign recently insinuated Warren used her minority status to further her career. The Boston Herald recently reported that Harvard University touted Warren as their first female-minority tenured hire to the Harvard Crimson newspaper at a time when the school was being scrutinized for a lack of diversity. Warren says she doesn't remember disclosing her status to the school before she was brought aboard.

Read more about the controversy here.

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