Newt Gingrich: Obama's Newest Campaign Weapon

New ad uses clips of Gingrich attacking Romney during his recently suspended presidential campaign.

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At one point during the Republican primary, President Obama joked that he might just play the Republican debates "without commentary" as campaign ads. It turns out that actually wasn't joking.

In their latest effort to paint Mitt Romney as a Swiss-bank-account-holding "vulture capitalist," the Obama "Truth Team" released an ad that plays like a "greatest hits" from Gingrich's recently suspended presidential campaign, with speeches, interviews and debate performances where Gingrich spoke harshly about Romney.

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In the video, Gingrich explains that Romney "can't be honest with the American people" and that Bain Capital, a financial services company Romney co-founded, used to "loot" companies, leaving hundreds of people out of work. He also picks on Romney's smear campaign, saying that the former Massachusetts governor has a hard time inspiring positive turnout.

In the ad's final scene, CBS's Norah O'Donnell asks Gingrich, "Are you calling Mitt Romney a liar?"

"Yes," he responds with a shrug and a typical dose of Gingrich scorn.

Gingrich announced the suspension of his campaign Wednesday, with his staff saying an endorsement of Mitt Romney will come within the next few weeks.

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