Romney: Top Sugar Daddy in GOP Race

An online-dating group endorses Romney as top sugar daddy.

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Though he probably wasn't seeking it, GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has won the endorsement of, which labels itself "the largest sugar daddy and sugar baby social networking community."

The self-promotional endorsement was blasted to political reporters covering the former Massachusetts governor and was awarded based on the news that after a recent South Carolina rally, Romney reached into his own pocket and gave $50 or $60 to a jobless campaign volunteer.

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According to CBS News, 55-year-old Ruth Williams of Colombia was drawn to volunteer with the Romney campaign following his win in New Hampshire last week.

"I was on the highway praying and said 'God, tell me how to get [my house] lights on,' and I pulled up to a stop sign and his bus was there," she said, according to the CBS report.

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Campaign workers for Romney had heard her story and briefed the candidate on her situation. Another state official and chair of Romney's South Carolina campaign recently paid Williams' light bill.

Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of, called Romney's action "Sugar Daddy-ism at its best."

"When it comes to politics, small actions speak louder than big words. Mitt Romney has shown all other politicians that being a good Sugar Daddy is about helping others," Wade said in a release. "While the media likes sensational stories about sugar daddy politicians behaving badly, I hope our endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP presidental nomination will shed positive light on what being a good sugar daddy should be about."

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The release also said Wade hopes to improve upon the image most people get when they hear the phrase "sugar daddy."

"The website has been instrumental in setting a higher moral standard by encouraging its sugar daddy members to empower and help others succeed," the statement reads.

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