Ron Paul Raises $13 Million in Final Quarter

Paul campaign transformed Web presence into fundraising strength.

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Ron Paul's supporters haven't just mobilized in voting booths around the country: On the World Wide Web, they are a force to be reckoned with, showing support for the Texas congressman by commenting on news stories, voting in online polls, and, according to the campaign, pulling out their pocketbooks.

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Gary Howard, the campaign spokesman, reports that his team raised $13 million during the last months of 2011, with 75 percent of those donations rolling in online.

The campaign ha received money from nearly 200,000 individual donors, and Howard adds that the large number of individual donors proves just how much Paul's message is resonating.

Google reports that searches for Ron Paul have "vastly outperformed" those for his fellow candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and nationwide over the past months, adding that "Ron Paul" is among the most popular news search terms around; the name even was searched more in the month of December than "Christmas."

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"Nationwide, the only other 2012 presidential candidate making the list of top News Search terms is [obama], which boasts only half as many queries as [ron paul]," Google reported on its 2012 campaign blog.

"Ron Paul's done an incredible job of using the Internet in his favor," says online marketing expert Ken Wisnefski. "The Web can do the reverse, but Paul's team has stayed ahead of the curve."

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