Former NYT Editor Keller Joins "Hillary for VP" Bandwagon

Should Obama fire Biden, put Hillary Clinton on the ticket? A former New York Times editor thinks so.

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Former New York Times editor Bill Keller became the latest commentator to argue that Barack Obama should fire Vice President Joe Biden and replace him with former adversary and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Claiming that she would bring "warmth" and "missing voltage" to the campaign, Keller claimed that Obama should figure out a delicate way to push Biden out of his spot, while appointing Clinton before the party convention in September. He's one of many commentators to argue that Clinton would give the Democrats a needed shot in the arm.

Most political analysts view the possibility as unlikely.

The scenario is also a very common D.C. parlor game whenever an incumbent president readies for re-election. In 2004, pundits speculated that George W. Bush would dump Vice President Dick Cheney for very popular New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In 1992, it was Gen. Colin Powell, one of the most beloved figures in America after the U.S. victory in Operation Desert Storm, who was going to replace Vice President Dan Quayle—or so commentators predicted.

Clinton, Obama's chief opponent in the 2008 Democratic primary, has denied that she has any interest in a future presidential campaign.

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