World War II Analogies In Vogue on the Campaign Trail

Texas Governor compares effort to oust Obama to Concord, Omaha Beach.

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Concord and Lexington, Pearl Harbor and Omaha Beach are some of the most crucial and blood-soaked events in U.S. history. They also have become analogies that keep popping up on the presidential campaign trail.

Just a week after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's campaign compared his failure to make the ballot in Virginia to Pearl Harbor, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the GOP's efforts to oust President Obama in 2012 were similar to the American Revolution and World War II. "This is Concord. This is Omaha Beach. This is going up the hill realizing that the battle is worth winning," Perry said at a meeting with supporters at a campaign headquarters in West Des Moines, according to NBC News.

Omaha Beach was the code name for a section of the D-Day landing in World War II, where Allied forces took heavy casualties in Normandy, France in 1944. The Battle of Lexington and Concord, one of the first displays of combat in the American Revolution, is known as the "shot heard around the world."

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