Too Late? Michele Bachmann Channels Thatcher in Iowa TV Ad

Late in the game, Bachmann airs television ad touting principles, "titanium spine."

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Like the Terminator, she's promising to come back.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who trails nearly the entire GOP presidential field in Iowa caucus polling, launched a television ad in the Hawkeye state on Monday aimed at reminding voters of her local roots and her "titanium spine."

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The ad begins with old family photographs while a narrator tells viewers Bachmann was "born and raised in Iowa." It then juxtaposes images of Bachmann and a smaller photo of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with the words "America's 'Iron Lady'" appearing onscreen, in an attempt to co-opt the conservative icon's nickname.

But that's not all. After repeating oft-made Bachmann promises about cutting spending, restoring the economy, and pledging to create "real" jobs, viewers are told she will "never back down" as the words "titanium spine" appear.

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Despite the strong messaging, it may be too little, too late for Bachmann, one of the last candidates to begin airing commercials ahead of tonight's caucus. She has struggled to regain support in her home state after a surprise win in August's Ames Straw Poll and is poised to finish historically low in the caucus following her summer victory.

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