Obama Enters Iowa Fray

With all eyes on GOP race, Obama reminds voters of '08 caucus win.

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The Iowa Caucuses aren't just about the knock-down, drag-out fight between Republicans.

Barack Obama, whose path to the White House began with a surprising win in Iowa exactly four years ago Tuesday, is using the date as a chance to try to rekindle some of the passion from his 2008 campaign. A web video, "Promises Kept," uses his Jan. 3, 2008 victory speech to tout accomplishments such as ending the war in Iraq, passing the Affordable Care Act and the payroll tax cut.

Obama—who's technically a candidate in Tuesday night's contest—will also make a speech to most Democratic Iowa caucus sites through an online video. Aside from having the nation's first caucus, Iowa is a crucial swing state which both sides are expected to fight over.

Republicans also want some of the focus to be on incumbent president Tuesday night. The Republican National Committee also released an ad, "Failed Promises: Iowa Edition," which is almost a photo negative of Obama's ad. Using his victory speech, the ad highlights some of Obama's biggest weaknesses heading into the election, including high unemployment rates and low approval ratings.

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