Michele Bachmann Talks Poverty, Foster Child Support

Bachmann talks of impoverished childhood, foster child support.

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No matter what happens in Iowa tonight, GOP presidential candidate Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is not dropping out of the race. To prove it, she released her upcoming schedule for the week, which includes four events in South Carolina.

Though she's polling in nearly last place in Iowa, the congresswoman gamely fielded questions from a not-so-friendly C-SPAN audience this morning and has committed to continuing her quest.

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After sharing with C-SPAN's Washington Journal host that she "earned my way by God's grace out of poverty," Bachmann was asked by a listener how much government money she received for helping rear more than 20 foster children.

"You rail against government and you keep saying that by the 'grace of God' you came up from poverty, but my question is how much money have you gotten from the government for those 28 foster kids of yours?" the listener asked on live television.

Bachmann repeated the 'by God's grace' line and then said, "My mother did the very best that she could, but she couldn't even afford to buy my glasses. She couldn't afford to buy my clothing."

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So a teenage Bachmann began babysitting to bridge the gap, she said. She then pivoted to the question about receiving government funds to help raise her foster children."It's a de minimis amount," she said. "No one is paid to do foster care. The state will help with the cost of food—that's only understandable, that's only reasonable. You can't put a price tag on loving a child."

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