Former CIA Bin Laden Hunter Scheuer Endorses Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Ron Paul earns key endorsement just hours before the Iowa Caucuses begin.

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National security expert Michael Scheuer regards Ron Paul as the man with the plan to keep America safe, strong and secure.

Scheuer, a former CIA officer who was in charge of tracking Osama bin Laden during the Clinton administration, endorsed Paul via a blog post on his website.just hours before voters gather at the Iowa caucuses.

The former high-ranking intelligence officer who was in charge of the so-called "Alec Station" analysis cell monitoring bin Laden's whereabouts at the CIA says he endorsed the 12-term Texas congressman because of his stance on foreign policy, his warnings on a double dip recession, and his commitment to drastically cut the size of the federal government.

"[Ron Paul's] worried, and warning demeanor is absolutely appropriate to the disaster the Democrats and most Republicans have wrought, but want to hide and smile about until the presidential election," Scheuer writes. [Check out Ron Paul's secret to energy in a grueling 2012 campaign.]

Scheuer gained notoriety with his 2004 book "Imperial Hubris" where he criticized America's war on terrorism and placed much of the blame for the Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. foreign policy.

Likewise, Paul's been criticized for being an "isolationist" with his let Israel defend itself, end foreign aid, bring the troops home from Afghanistan and everywhere else positions. Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace once called Paul's foreign policy views "the bridge too far" for Republicans—that viewpoint holding him back from being taken seriously among GOP voters.

Scheuer writes that Paul's anti-interventionist views will keep America safe redirecting resources to domestic needs. He adds that in the CIA he learned first-hand the costs of several administration's interventionist approaches to foreign policy.

 Scheuer has been all over the map with his own foreign policy views since he left the CIA in 1999, saying on the one hand that former president Clinton squandered as many as 10 chances to kill bin Laden, then blaming Bush for contributing to terrorism by attacking Iraq. He was reportedly fired in 2009 from a position as a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation for his criticism of Israel and he's stated that Iran isn't a threat to America. [Ron Paul's $1 trillion spending-cut plan targets five cabinet departments.]

Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton sees Scheuer's endorsement as a big plus.

"Michael Scheuer understands that only Dr. Paul will put our national security first and stop the foreign wars and nation building," Benton said. "Our campaign is very proud to have his support."

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