Romney Conjures Occupy Wall Street in New Campaign Video

Days before Iowa caucus, Romney seeks to show he understands where "the 99 percent" is coming from.

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Conjuring images typical of the "We Are the 99 percent" movement, Mitt Romney released a new web video Wednesday in anticipation of the caucuses coming up in Iowa. Often criticized for being standoffish and a member of the elite, the web spot is the former Massachusetts governor's latest attempt to better connect with the electorate.

The video, titled "Davenport, Four Years Later," opens with a speech then-Sen. Barack Obama gave in the Iowa city almost exactly four years ago during his own caucus fight. The shot then cuts away to men and women holding hand-written signs with statistics such as "34 straight months of unemployment above 8%" and "Nearly 25 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or stopped looking for work."

Shifting then to shots of "Main St" and his campaign slogan "Believe in America," Romney goes on to say his fight for the presidency isn't just about replacing Barack Obama. "It's about saving a vision of America," he says in the video. "We still believe in an America that brings out the best in all of us."

There's no mention of Romney's own "Wall Street"-style successes (he's worth a reported $250 million), but clearly the GOP frontrunner's tapping into today's protest culture to "occupy" the White House.

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