Carol Browner: U.S. Needs a National Energy Policy

Obama’s climate czar says businesses need clear energy standards to compete in the global market.


Carol Browner, the director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, says a comprehensive energy policy is critical to keep U.S. businesses from losing out to companies in China, India, and Germany.

Browner served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton administration, where she led efforts to strengthen controls on air and water pollution, and pushed for a national response to global warming.

U.S. News editor Brian Kelly talked with Browner at the recent U.S.News & World Report National Issues Briefing "Going Green: America's Cities and the Role of Government," about the challenges of creating a national energy policy in a fast-changing global marketplace, and the impact of the controversy over whether climate change is real.

Here's Carol Browner on leadership in energy and the environment.

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[Click here to listen to Kelly's interview with Browner.]

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