Best Cities to Visit This Thanksgiving


New York City

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(AP/Julie Jacobson)

New York is teeming with cultural traditions, and few are more visibly ingrained in the City’s history than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The iconic Turkey Day celebration marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and it features a parade of gigantic balloons of favorite characters from decades of popular culture – from Bugs Bunny to Buzz Lightyear – which floats from the Upper West Side down to Herald Square and has somehow come to symbolize the season. Performances from musicians, marching bands, and Broadway shows provide entertainment for the close to 3 million people who crowd New York’s streets in celebration each year. The parade is especially dangerous when it’s windy, as balloons can knock over lightpoles and other obstructions, but organizers have become much smarter about how to handle inclement weather.

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