Frank Underwood Meets ‘Call of Duty’

The ‘House of Cards’ star will bring more than two kinds of pain to the video game.

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Kevin Spacey will channel Frank Underwood, his character from the D.C.-based political thriller “House of Cards,” for the latest game of the “Call of Duty” series, according to leaked video that shows him plotting to use the U.S. military to spread order, not democracy.

First-person shooters are a favorite pastime of Spacey’s character on the show, who -- like many fans of the genre -- probably likes the feeling of power and the chance to vent his grudges against his rivals on Capitol Hill.

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Spacey’s narration on the video taken from Xbox One gameplay sounds just like Underwood justifying his schemes to a Netflix audience as he describes that countries look to the U.S. military for protection “from invaders and from themselves.”

The top-level graphics of the game set in the near future show high-tech soldiers flying hovercraft, climbing walls with smart gloves and using fancy new guns.

“Democracy isn’t what these people need; hell, it isn’t even what they want,” he says on the video. “People don’t want freedom -- they want rules.”

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Activision is set to reveal the latest game in its “Call of Duty” series of first-person shooters about the U.S. military. The gaming company will formally reveal the new title May 4, and is hyping it on its homepage with a countdown screen headed by the message "get ready for a new era of ‘Call of Duty.’"

This “new era” multi-player shooter is slated to hit stores Nov. 4, and will likely debut on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One.

The first “Call of Duty” game about Americans fighting in World War II launched in October 2003, months after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The game led to a franchise that expanded into depictions of present-day combat with titles such as “Black Ops,” “Ghosts” and “Modern Warfare.”