Survey: Faith in U.S. Government Drops

Faith in business is stronger than in government globally.

Storm clouds fill the sky June 13, 2013, over the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
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Global trust in corporations remains stronger than trust in political leaders, according to an annual poll, and confidence in U.S. politics has waned following public criticism on issues like the government shutdown in October.

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The annual trust index survey, produced by the Edelman Berland research firm, drew from online interviews of both general population and college-educated adults from 27 countries.

Only 37 percent of college-educated adults said they trusted their American politicians, down 16 percent compared to the previous year and 7 percentage points below the global average, according to analysis of the survey by Reuters.

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The survey showed that as the global economy improved, 58 percent of respondents said they trusted the course of business in their nations, the same percentage as in the last survey. But global trust in government has dropped from 48 percent to 44 percent, creating the largest gap in trust between business and government in the 14 years the survey has been conducted.

Confidence in President Barack Obama also has dropped in recent months following the budget impasse that led to a shutdown of the government in October and glitches in the new federal health care website.

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