Ford CEO Not Leaving for Microsoft

Microsoft may choose insider CEO as Mulally bows out.

Alan Mulally, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company speaks during a press conference in Hong Kong, Monday, Oct. 21, 2013.
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Ford Motor Company chief executive officer Alan Mulally, who was considered as the front-runner to become Microsoft's new CEO, plans to stay at his current company, making it less likely that the tech giant will choose an executive from outside of its ranks who could bring a fresh, innovative perspective.

Mulally told The Associated Press Tuesday investors should rest assured that he planned to stay at Ford, which just saw its annual U.S. sales increase 11 percent during 2013 through his leadership.

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"I would like to end the Microsoft speculation because I have no other plans to do anything other than serve Ford," Mulally said in an interview. "You don't have to worry about me leaving."

Candidates rumored to be in the running to replace outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who plans to step down before August, consists of current and former employees of the tech giant, including former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who headed Microsoft's business division from January 2008 to September 2010. Microsoft remains profitable despite the decline of the PC market that was once its foundation, but the company failed to take advantage of the rise of mobile and cloud technologies since 2000. Because of this rumors flew that Mulally could be the one to help guide Microsoft to a new wave of innovation without having their vision limited by the strong internal culture at the tech giant.

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