Overanalyzing the New 'House of Cards' Trailer

The second season of the Netflix political drama returns Feb. 14

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Netflix has posted the first full-length trailer for its new season of "House of Cards," giving fans of the political drama more to work with than enigmatic teasers previously released. The trailer speeds along in classic "House of Cards" melodramatic fashion, filled with Francis "Frank" Underwood's Shakespearean zingers and set to Jeff Beal's operatic score.

What can be gleaned so far? [Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Season 1.]

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1. Francis Underwood has ascended to the vice presidency. The trailer begins with him taking the oath of office and moving from his fancy townhouse to the vice presidential mansion. How did he get there again? Oh yeah, by murdering Rep. Peter Russo – who was running for Pennsylvania governor – in a staged suicide and convincing the current vice president to jump in the gubernatorial race. As Underwood puts it, "One heartbeat away from the presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is overrated."

2. But he may not have cleaned up his tracks there. "I can't have this conspiracy stuff going mainstream," Underwood's chief of staff Doug Stamper says. But a Chris Matthews cameo spouting Watergate-esque indignation, what looks like to be a new reporter sniffing out the scene and the search for Rachel Posner -- the prostitute hired to seduce Russo in Season 1 -- suggests that Stamper won't be getting his wish.

3. Claire Underwood is as malicious as ever. Mrs. Underwood is back from her fling with the photographer and starting her tenure as the second lady with a clean slate. "I know you'll do whatever you think is what is best," she says, but don't expect her to sit on the sidelines. She is pushing Francis to punish his political rivals and making callous threats while sipping red wine. Then there's this shade she throws on Ashleigh Banfield when Banfield asks about her marriage:

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4. Zoe Barnes is in way over her head. Underwood and Zoe are back to their secret meetings – in the woods, in a Metro station (where Underwood dons a fedora and hipster glasses). "I need to know I wasn't part of someone's … part of someone's murder," she says. Is she going to turn on her deal with Underwood? Or does she think she can continue to play both sides the of the game?

5. A lot of other ridiculous things are going to happen. Mysterious powder flying out of an envelope – is that a ricin scare? Who is that person apparently being kidnapped and held down? Was that Posner and Janine Skorsky rolling around in bed together? And what could have possibly angered Frank so much that he tossed his filet mignon into the pool? We'll have to wait until Feb. 14, when Netflix releases the full second season, to find out.

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