2.1 Million Americans Enrolled in Obamacare

More than 2 million Americans have registered for Obamacare since open enrollment began Oct. 1, though some hiccups could remain.

Narendra Parmar sits with Certified Enrollment Specialist Laquanda Jordan, right, as he signs up for the Affordable Care Act on Dec. 23, 2013 in Miami, Fla.
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Phil Schiliro, a senior adviser at the White House who is helping with the implementation of the health care overhaul, echoed Sebelius, saying the government will capitalize on the health insurance industry's expertise.

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Schiliro said that insurance providers are skilled at transitioning people in and out of care during enrollment periods but that consumers should expect some hiccups.

"Usually there's not a spotlight on what they're doing," he noted. "Problems that have not gotten attention before will get some attention now."

Schiliro encouraged consumers who encounter difficulties in accessing care to first call their insurance companies and then contact HHS's call center (1-800-318-2596). Any calls that can't be dealt with at the call center will be transferred to special caseworkers, he said.

"We think that coordination of effort will be very helpful as we deal with what always are going to be unexpected problems whenever there's a transition."


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