24 'A Christmas Story' Facts to Kick Off 24 Hours of 'A Christmas Story'

The holiday classic film celebrates its 30th anniversary this Christmas.

Jeff Gillen plays Santa Claus and Peter Billingsly plays Ralphie in "A Christmas Story."
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21. "A Christmas Story" spawned two sequels – neither of them very good – 1994's "It Runs in the Family" and the 2012 straight-to-video "A Christmas Story 2."

22. The Internet humor video website Funny or Die also took a stab at the "A Christmas Story" legacy with a three episode webseries.

23. The latest incarnation of the film is "A Christmas Story: The Musical," produced by Billingsley, that is currently running at New York's Madison Square Garden.

24. Last year's TBS "A Christmas Story" marathon accumulated 48.8 million total viewers, with the 10 a.m. Christmas Day broadcast being its peak showing.

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