Democrats Raise $5.1 Million in November

DSCC has record-breaking November fundraising totals.

The U.S. Capitol building and dome on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.
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Democrats are headed into the 2014 campaign cycle with more than just optimism as they fight to maintain their Senate majority. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced Monday it raised $5.1 million in November, the best off-year November fundraising haul in the group's history.

That brings the DSCC's total fundraising to $48.6 million this year. The group's competition, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign, raised $29.5 million so far, but will not release their November numbers until later this week.

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"The reckless and irresponsible Republican agenda remains wildly unpopular and Democrats across the country are energized. The Koch brothers are aggressively blanketing the airwaves in a few key battleground races, but we are raising the resources to fight back," said Guy Cecil, the DSCC's executive director in a release. "We are incredibly thankful for our supporters who time and again have stepped up to protect a Democratic majority in the Senate."

Democrats are hoping to defend seats in Republican-leaning states like Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, Montana and North Carolina and, as it stands, the DSCC has roughly $12 million in cash-on-hand compared to the NRSC, which has just $5 million.

NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring, however, says Democrats might be raising money, but are still in debt from the 2012 cycle. The NRSC has no debt while the DSCC has $5 million in debt.

"Despite multiple Obama headlined fundraisers, the two committees are in nearly identical cash situations," Dayspring says.

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President Barack Obama spoke at campaign events in Dallas, Philadelphia and Miami last month to help the DSCC meet its goal.

Already, however, the 2014 election cycle is shaping up to be an expensive one.

And while Democrats are leading in party fundraising, Republicans are getting back up from outside groups like Americans for Prosperity.

In North Carolina, a Roll Call analysis of campaign spending found outside groups have already spent more than $8 million on early advertising. Outside Republican groups spent $5.7 million on the airwaves in North Carolina so far, while Democrats have doled out $2.6 million.

The same trend runs true in Louisiana, Arkansas and Kentucky.

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