Icy Weather to Move to the Northeast

Storm leaves thousands of residents in the Midwest without power.

Joseph Mezo uses an umbrella as he walks to work in light sleet and icy conditions Friday morning, Dec. 6, 2013, in Dallas.
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Weather with frigid temperatures blended with ice and snow has yet to vacate the Midwest, generating power outages across the country and hazardous traveling conditions.

The weather system, dubbed Winter Storm Cleon by The Weather Channel, spans from the Texas-Mexico border to the Ohio Valley, with the storm moving eastward. The winter-weather advisories have been extended to western Pennsylvania. Even California is experiencing remarkably low temperatures, Bloomberg.com reported.

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"What is impressive to me is how large an area of North America is getting the arctic chill right now," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jack Boston told Bloomberg.com.

More than 1,000 flights have been canceled or delayed throughout the storm-affected areas, with 700 of them occurring in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Reuters reports.

Two people have died on account of the treacherous road conditions in Missouri and Texas. In some areas, up to an inch of ice laces roads and highways and has caused an uptick in auto related accidents, Yahoo News reports.

A quarter-million homes are without power, Reuters News reports, with the majority of the outages in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. As winds pick up and knock trees and power lines down, the number of power outages is predicted to increase, The Weather Channel reported.

The National Weather Service forecasts the severe weather conditions to persist through the weekend.

Though the Northeast has yet to reach freezing temperatures, the weekend is expected to change that, turning rain into snow and sleet, USA Today reported.

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USA Today meteorologist Topper Shutt warned Northeast residents to be vigilant of the transition from warm air to cold air. "That's the dangerous part," Shutt said. The temperature shift is likely to create ice and freezing rain, he said.

These weather changes could also affect commuters on the road as the snow and Ice begins to move east. Travel is going to be very difficult, so you just have to really take your time," said The Weather Channel meteorologist Tom Niziol.

"You're going to have some really treacherous conditions as the precipitation type keeps changing from a freezing rain to sleet and in some areas over to snow," Niziol said. "With surface temperatures now dropping well below freezing, untreated roadways are going to be very snow packed and icy."

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