Tracking Santa? Google Has an App for That

Google launches website, Android app to follow Santa's sleigh ride.

Google's Santa Tracker includes a countdown clock and daily activities until Christmas Eve night.

Santa Claus is coming to town, and people can check when he will get there using Google Maps.

Google got in the yuletide spirit on Wednesday by launching a website to track Santa Claus during his Christmas flight around the world, complete with applications for Android devices and Google Glass, available online.

Microsoft also launched a Santa tracker website on Tuesday for the Northern American Aerospace Defense Command, which since 1955 has been taking calls from children asking where Santa is on Christmas Eve. The NORAD website can be found here.

Google's app allows users to explore Santa's North Pole village, which includes hilarious cartoons of elves flight testing Rudolph in a wind tunnel. Games include racing Santa and his reindeer around a track to pick up presents. While exploring the village Google plays a soundtrack of 8-Bit tunes reminiscent of the many Nintendo games delivered by the jolly old elf.

Both websites are counting down to Dec. 25, when the site will become the center for parents to show kids that Santa's on his way, so they had better get to sleep! Searching "Santa" on Google Maps during Christmas Eve will also bring up the location of the sleigh ride. The NORAD website will be relying on Microsoft's Bing Maps. Both the Google and the Microsoft sites reveal a new cartoon game each day as Christmas draws closer. The Microsoft website might also come in handy while trimming the tree, since it includes a music playlist of classic Christmas songs.

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