Obama: Greater Mobility 'the Defining Challenge of Our Time'

The president lists policies aimed at boosting the economic fates of low-income and middle-class Americans.

President Barack Obama speaks about the economy and growing economic inequality, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013, at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus in Washington.
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The Harvard Institute of Politics on Wednesday released one particularly damning poll, finding that a majority of millennials disapprove of the president's health care reform act. However, Politico also reported Wednesday that 29,000 people signed up for insurance on healthcare.gov on Sunday and Monday, more than the number of people who signed up during all of October, the site's inaugural month.

The people signing up for Obamacare, the president said, are "proving they want that economic security."

Most of the president's proposals, however, are likely to face opposition from Republican lawmakers. Near the end of his list of policy ideas, the president threw down the gauntlet, asking his opponents to bring forth their proposals when they criticize his.

"You owe it to the American people to tell us what you are for, not just what you are against," he said.

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