World Cup Stadium Collapses, Killing Two People

The Sao Paulo stadium set to host the World Cup opening next year collapses.

A crane collapsed during construction on Nov. 27, 2013, at Itaquerao Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Three workers were killed in the accident, according to reports.

The Sao Paulo stadium set to host the World Cup opening next year collapses.

A crane shouldering the construction of a 2014 World Cup stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, collapsed Wednesday killing two people and injuring another. "The initial toll of three has been revised downward to two and one injured person was rushed to hospital," a police spokesman told AFP.

The crane collapsed as it was transferring a 500-ton structure to the top of the stands. The company managing the construction of the stadium, Odebrecht, halted work immediately following the accident and is investigating what might have triggered the collapse.

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According to USA Today the accident occurred over lunchtime, minimizing workers on site and injuries that might have occurred.

The stadium, known as the Itaquerao Stadium, was almost complete before the untimely catastrophe. It is expected to hold seating for almost 70,000 people.

Brazil is on a fast approaching deadline set by FIFA to complete all 12 World Cup venues by the end of 2013, Sports Illustrated reported.

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"FIFA and the [Local Organizing Committee] have learnt of the death of workers at the Corinthian's Arena site in Sao Paulo with great sadness," FIFA said in a press statement. "We wish to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of the workers who tragically died today."

FIFA also emphasized the importance of the safety of workers constructing the stadiums saying, "We know the safety of all workers has always been paramount for all the construction companies contracted to build the 12 FIFA World Cup stadiums."

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