Jury Fines Samsung $290 Million for Copying Apple Tech

Samsung ordered to pay millions to Apple for copying iPad, iPhone features.

An Apple iPhone, left, and a Samsung phone sit on a table in Rennes, France, on October 12, 2011.
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Samsung owes Apple $290 million for copying key features of the iPad and iPhone, a jury in the U.S. District Court of Northern District of California ruled Thursday.

The decision is based on how much Apple lost because of Samsung's sale of 13 older devices that a previous jury found were among 26 devices whose patents the Korean company infringed on, according to the Associated Press.

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U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ordered a retrial to determine damages for those 13 products after the previous jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion, which she decided was miscalculated. Samsung already owes Apple approximately $555 million in fines that Koh upheld from the previous verdict.

The big impact for consumers could come following the next trial on the case scheduled for March, which will determine whether Samsung's newest devices – including the Galaxy S3 – copied Apple's technology.

The trial dates back to 2011, when Apple accused the Korean company of infringing on the look and feel of its products. During a trial in August 2012 Apple tried to show that Samsung did not sell products that looked and operated similar to the iPad and iPhone until after they were launched by the California-based tech manufacturer.

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