'Nashville' Recap: Season 2, Episode 6

'Nashville' Draws viewers in with sassy leading ladies.

Hayden Panettiere plays Juliette in season 2, episode 6 of ABC's "Nashville."
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Women love Rayna Jaymes.

Maybe it's because she's tough, maybe it's because she's Southern. But it's more likely that Connie Britton, the actress playing the country music legend on "Nashville," won hearts first as Tami Taylor, the coach's wife on "Friday Night Lights."

Her current character is a logical extension of the sassy Taylor, displaying both her maternal side – from interactions with her own daughters or with youthful Juliette Barnes and protégé Scarlett O'Connor – and the glamorous side we always knew Tami had.

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This week's "Nashville" treats us to a polo match, just the venue to bring together the crème de la crème of Nashville moneymen together with the top country talent of the legendary city. It's also a great place for Juliette to run into the supposed-to-be one-night stand with married billionaire Charlie Wentworth and Rayna to deal with the fallout of her father's indictment and the impact it's having on businessmen around town.

While Rayna's overtures are met with reluctance, Charlie makes his own bid for Juliette. He tells Mayor Teddy Conrad he's willing to sponsor a local music festival, but only if Juliette agrees to be the headliner. While Juliette plays hard to get, Rayna's fundraising for her fledgling record label turns into mission impossible, thanks in large part to her sister Tandy's presence.

"If anybody knows your dad's dirty little secrets, it's you," says one disgruntled businessman to Tandy, Lamar James' former chief financial officer. "Don't count on any checkbooks opening up here today."

The show plays up the obvious, but still intriguing, born-rich versus born-poor dynamic between Charlie and Juliette. But we're still treated to classic Juliette lines, like when she storms off from a fight with Charlie as a horn blows.

"According to Wikipedia that horn means the game is about to start," she shouts over her shoulder.

Meanwhile, the show has magically squandered away all of the chemistry Scarlett and Gunnar Scott had and revealed what brought her and Avery Barkley together.

"I just wasn't mature enough to handle what I had and if I did get another chance, I would handle it differently," Avery tells Scarlett, ostensibly about his music career, but we're all aware of the subtext.

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When Scarlet opens up about her career, she quickly remembers her success is what threw her and Avery off-track when they were together.

"I shouldn't go on about career stuff like that," she says.

"You've come into your own and it's incredibly sexy," he responds, earning himself a kiss and more.

After Scarlett nails her showcase set up by Rayna at the Bluebird Cafe, the episode ends with Juliette giving in to Charlie – and getting walked in on by his wife and No. 1 Juliette fan, Olivia. But in a twist we all know will make for delicious drama, neither Charlie nor Juliette witness their witness.

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