Severe Storms Cut Power to Thousands of Homes in France and the U.K.

Two people found dead after powerful winds knock down trees in the U.K.

Approximately 220,000 homes are without power and two deaths have been recorded after much of southern England has been affected by a severe storm.  (Zak Hussein/Getty Images)
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Two violent storms have hit Europe, leaving destruction and even death in their wake.

A major windstorm in France has caused a power cut of at least 65,000 homes. The storm has moved onto Belgium and the Netherlands, canceling hundreds of flights and trains that were scheduled to leave Monday. The storm became so severe at one point, that it forced two English Channel ferries headed to France, carrying more than 400 people, to return east of Dover to take shelter.

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But the "service is getting back to normal," Brian Rees, spokesman of P&O Ferries, said to BBC.

"We are back to 23 sailings a day, every 45 to 50 minutes. The storm has dropped right off," Rees said.

Though England is no stranger to rainstorms, the monsoon like showers and heavy gusts of wind it has endured since early this morning is taking its toll on the nation.

The BBC reported winds as powerful as 99 miles per hour whipping southern England in the early morning hours of Monday. Though the storm is reported to have subsided, the damage it rendered has been massive.


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Fallen trees pepper power lines, leaving 270,000 homes without power. According to the UK Energy Networks at least 30,000 people have had their power restored since the storm subsided.

The Environment Agency has announced 11 flood warnings, along with 128 flood alerts throughout England and Wales. Coastal flooding is also likely, with large waves and strong winds forging England's shores.

This storm has resulted in two deaths. A 17-year-old girl was killed when a tree fell on her home in northwest London, Kent police told CNN. Another tree killed a 50-year-old man when it tumbled onto his vehicle.

Another teenager remains missing after being swept out to sea from the coast of East Sussex.

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