Two Injured in Shooting at Tennessee Naval Base

Suspect in custody after shots fired at Navy's HR headquarters.

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Two soldiers were injured in a shooting at a Navy base in Millington, Tenn. on Thursday afternoon.

The U.S. Navy reports military police took a suspect into custody at the Naval Support Activity Mid-South base and are not treating the situation as an active-shooter scenario. The base, located in the southwestern corner of the state near the Mississippi River, was on lockdown as of 2:45 p.m. Thursday "as a precaution," according to a Navy spokesperson. The Navy lifted the "shelter in place" warning before 3 p.m.

The two victims are National Guard soldiers and are not in critical condition. Regional Fire Chief Gary Graves told reporters the shooting took place in the base's National Guard depot. One soldier was shot in the foot, the other was shot in the leg. Both were transported to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.

The base serves as the Navy's chief installation for human resources. Navy Personnel Command, Recruiting Command and Manpower Analysis Center are all headquartered there.

The Twitter account for the base stated the shooting took place on Navy property outside the base gates.

At least two shots were fired on the base by what local news station WMCTV calls a disgruntled employee.

The shooting comes at a time of high tension for base security, just over a month after a fatal shooting at the Navy Yard that left 13 dead and dozens injured.

Top Pentagon brass said less than two days after the Sept. 16 shooting that it would conduct a review of base security at all Department of Defense facilities to study both security measures and the process for providing clearances.

"We don't live in a risk-free society. Every day all the millions of DOD employees, uniform or civilian, come to work," said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at a press conference on Sept. 18. "We will find those gaps and we will fix those gaps. To go beyond that...I would leave that to the review. There are many questions that are going to be asked."

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