How to Dress Up as Your Favorite TV Characters for Halloween

Still looking for a costume? Your television screen is a perfect place to start.

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a Halloween costume, look no further than your television screen. Here are characters almost everyone will recognize:

Olivia Pope from "Scandal"

Costume: Do you have $900 handy? Then buy this beautiful white Burberry coat (It's even 50 percent off). No? Then any elegant white coat will do. Don't forget the gloves.

Props: A giant wine glass, popcorn and a blackberry.

Performance: Speak only in snappy dialogue and passionate monologues.

Walter White from "Breaking Bad"

Costume: The yellow hazmat suit, which is widely available online, including this "sexy" version.

Props: Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman

Performance: "I am the one who knocks."

Nicholas Brody from "Homeland"

Costume: Cut off the sleeves of a zip-up hoodie, because that's Brody's look these days. And shave your head if you're willing to fully commit.

Props: A tourniquet for your heroin problem.

Performance: Run around asking for Carrie Mathison.

The ladies from "Orange is the New Black"

Costume: Orange jumpsuits all around.

Props: For Piper, the missing screwdriver. For "Red," a ladle and killer Russian accent. For "Crazy Eyes," a dandelion and, well, crazy eyes. For Alex some hot librarian glasses. And for "Pennsyltucky", a crucifix and a grill.

Performance: Stage a reenactment of the Christmas Pageant.

Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation"

Costume: Khakis, a polo and a beer gut.

Props: That mustache and bacon for the road. And a tiny top hat tipped to the side of your head, if you would like to play drunk Ron Swanson.

Performance: Libertarian musings interspersed with pearls of wisdom

Madame LaLaurie from "American Horror Story: Coven"

Costume: Your finest 19th century gown and some dirt after being dug out of your grave.

Props: Slave blood to keep you young.

Performance: An evil-sounding Louisiana drawl.

Tobias Funke from "Arrested Development" Season 4

Costume: "The Thing" costume from his play "Fantastic Four: An Action Musical" (and don't forget to wear your Never Nude jean shorts under).

Props: Glasses and a "A NU START" license plate.

Performance: Give cheerful stage directions, oblivious that the "actors" you met in your method acting class are actually meth addicts.

Cee Lo Green from "The Voice"

Costume: A red studded leather jacket and ridiculous sunglasses.

Props: A white, angry-looking kitten.Performance: In a gravely voice, beg everyone around to be on your team.

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