Poll: Shutdown Pushes 2013 Economic Outlook to Weakest Level

Sixty percent of Americans feel pessimistic about economy after shutdown.

Government workers protest the federal shutdown Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, in Chicago.

October's jobs report is distorted because of the timing of the shutdown.


Americans have less faith in the economy following the government shutdown, according to a poll released on Tuesday that shows approximately six in 10 people expect poor economic conditions next year, driving economic outlook to its lowest level of 2013.

CNN and ORC International conducted the nationwide poll on October 18-20 by questioning 841 adults on the phone.

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During the poll 71 percent of the respondents said economic conditions are poor, while only 29 percent said the economy is in good shape, which represented a 4 percentage point decline in economic optimism from a poll conducted in September prior to the government shutdown.

This is the first time in 2013 that economic optimism dropped to 29 percent as part of this poll, CNN said.

Optimism that the economy will be in good shape a year from now is also at its lowest levels since October 2011, as approximately 40 percent predicted that the economy would be in good shape next October.

The partisan division of the government shutdown has also weakened other economic predictions including consumer sentiment.

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