Obama's Popularity Plunges in Wake of Shutdown, Syria

Obama's polling trend follows that of George W. Bush.

President Obama's quarterly approval level is down 3 percent from the previous period, according to Gallup.

President Obama's quarterly approval level is down 3 percent from the previous period, according to Gallup.

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President Barack Obama's three-month approval rating is one of the lowest of his presidency, thanks to his advocacy for military intervention in Syria and the recent impasse with Republicans that led to a 16-day government shutdown.

According to Gallup, Obama's quarterly approval level, covering the period from July to October, is 44.5 percent, marking a 3 percent drop from the previous period. Approval ratings for Obama have ranged from 63 percent when he was first elected to 41 percent at the end of his third year.

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"Obama is suffering through another approval slump, something he experienced during the latter part of his first year into his second year as president and during the latter part of his third year," said Jeffrey Jones, polling analyst for Gallup in a memo accompanying the polling results.

"After a relatively strong fourth year that included several quarters of higher ratings that aided his re-election, his approval rating has now declined in each of the last three quarters," Jones said.

Presidents Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Clinton all had much higher approval ratings during similar points of their presidencies, according to Gallup, hovering around 60 percent. Obama's rating does top that of Presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, who were coping with fallout from the Watergate scandal and the Vietnam War, respectively.

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Obama's current approval average is on par with those of Harry Truman and George W. Bush, according to Gallup.

"Like Obama, Bush saw his approval rating drop during his 19th quarter, which was marked by criticism of his administration's handling of the Hurricane Katrina rescue and recovery effort," Jones said. "Bush's approval rating generally continued to fall during the remainder of his presidency. A decline in approval from the 19th to the 20th quarter has been the norm for presidents; only Reagan and Clinton did not see at least slight declines in their 20th quarter, and only Reagan's rating notably improved."

It's unclear as of yet if Obama's approval ratings will improve, now that the government is re-opened after a recently forged temporary deal.

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