PBS's 'League of Denial' NFL Concussion Documentary Is Chilling But Will Anything Change?

A film about the NFL's brain injury problem is chilling, but some doubt it will have a real impact.


A new documentary investigates the NFL’s concussion problem.


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She says that it doesn't always matter whether a documentary puts forward new information. "I see documentaries as different than journalism, because they're a story-based art form," she says, a point echoed in CJR's review of "League of Denial" and by others who watched it.

"When you organize around a documentary, then you have it as a tool to use," Elliott says. In the case of "League of Denial," it can be screened to be PTA meetings or among coaches. Furthermore, that the PBS has posted "League of Denial" to its website will further spread its message.

"The great democratization of documentary right now is online," Elliott says.

George Visger -- a former NFL player currently suffering brain trauma and founder of traumatic brain injury organization The Visger Group -- told an audience during a speech Tuesday to go home and watch the film. "It was great overall just for bringing awareness for what's going on. I'm looking forward to the fallout," he says.

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