Hopes for a Hillary Clinton Movie Are Not Dead Yet

Other Clinton films might clear the obstacles that stopped the CNN and NBC specials.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton smiles as she introduces her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and President Barack Obama at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013.

Two Hillary Clinton films were cancelled earlier this week, but others, including one from conservative political group Citizens United, are in the works.


There are ways to work around that problem. Bossie says he is not worried about finding sources for his documentary. "Certainly if we reach out to certain people who want to be in the Clinton orbit, we might be rejected," he says. His film will rely on the participation of those on "the other side," Bossie says. "We're not worried about trying to find Hillary's friends"

A film can also avoid the documentary genre entirely. "Rodham" will be a fictionalized take on Hillary Clinton's early romance with Bill and her work on the House Judiciary Committee. According to the New York Times, it will follow the "The Social Network" model of relying on publicly known information.

Even if they can clear the obstacles that have killed rival projects, the success of "Rodham" and other Hillary Clinton films is by no means guaranteed.

"Those kinds of movies are not considered sure bet commercial successes", Pichirallo says. "Audiences don't tend to go see movies about politics."

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