D.C. Shutdown Is Full-Speed Ahead, Say Organizers of Trucker Protest

'The shutdown is actually a traffic jam,' explains former country music star, who offers to cancel ride if Obama is impeached.

A mass truck convoy congests roadways on July 4, 2008, in Wellington, New Zealand.  Some American truckers are planning a similar nationwide protest on Oct. 11-13, 2013.
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Various labor frustrations by independent truckers spawned the protest. Grievances included Environmental Protection Agency fuel efficiency standards and the high cost of diesel. State and local anti-idling laws as well as insurance companies purportedly requiring technological updates are also among the irritations, Andrews said.

Independent truckers, she explained, own their own trucks or small fleets of trucks. They contract their labor – and use of their vehicle – on their own. Mexican truckers accept less money, and are undercutting American truckers, she said, forcing down wages on top of fuel cost increases.

"They don't have unions, obviously, that's why companies take advantage of them," Santilli said.

A Facebook page advertising the ride, which is officially called "Truckers Ride For The Constitution," has close to 30,000 likes. Organizers are raising money to help defray the cost of fuel for participants.

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