Why 'Sesame Street' Stops by Jimmy Fallon and Other Grown Up Places

The 44-year-old television show wants to reach children by appealing to adults.

The cast of "Sesame Street" joins Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to sing the "Sesame Street"  theme on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Wednesday, Sept. 25 on NBC.

Of course, the viral marketing is just one aspect of the show that continues to evolve. This season also welcomes a new Hispanic neighbor named Armando and a Cookie Monster espousing the gospel of restraint (to the tune of Icona Pop, no less). It has also initiated a new campaign for children of incarcerated parents.

Parente says that the show's inclusion of tough topics like this as well as HIV, death and divorce, are exactly why it's so important that parents and other adults are also engaged. "It's all about opening up communications," she says.