Veteran Advocates Caution Against Pinning Navy Yard Shooting on PTSD

Combat stress likely did not cause a man to kill 12 in Navy Yard shooting, experts say.


Military health advocates are trying to distance ‘regular people’ with PTSD from alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis.

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The kind of negative reporting that followed the Navy Yard shooting does "a huge disservice to veterans," Coy says, who already have difficulty adjusting from the brotherhood of support found in a military unit to suddenly finding themselves alone in the civilian world.

"When the majority of people have a negative stereotype toward veterans with mental illnesses, that prevents people like myself and friends I know to want to seek care," he says. "They don't want people to think they're crazy."

"The more people have a misconception...the less likely I think veterans are going to ask for the help they need," says Coy.

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