Woodrow Wilson Could Get the Leonardo DiCaprio Treatment

Warner Bros. negotiating the rights to A. Scott Berg's biography 'Wilson.'


Leonardo DiCaprio is reported to be in talks to produce and star in a Woodrow Wilson film based on A. Scott Berg's recent presidential biography "Wilson."

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Woodrow Wilson could be getting the Hollywood treatment and Leonardo DiCaprio may be the star to give it to him. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is seeking the rights to A. Scott Berg's recent presidential biography "Wilson," and the star of "The Great Gatsby" is said to be attached to the project.

Not only is DiCaprio slated to play the 28th president, he is reported to be in talks to produce the film, along with Jennifer Davisson Killoran – who has dipped her toe into politics before as an executive producer of "Ides of March" – and Berg. DiCaprio, who also has a producer credit on "Ides of March," next stars in and produces the upcoming "Wolf of Wall Street," about a real-life big shot banker. He has also played famous historical figures J. Edgar Hoover and Howard Hughes.

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"Wilson" only hit bookstores Sept. 10, while his previous treatments of Charles Lindbergh and Katharine Hepburn were best-sellers. Berg also wrote the story for the 1982 film "Making Love." "Wilson" has been praised for being well researched and well written, though reviewers have criticized him for being too easy on the president.

Wilson has been credited with passing a progressive agenda while guiding America through World War I. His successes were overshadowed by the failure of the League of Nations, historians say, and his stance on civil rights has not been well regarded. Since 1921, when Wilson ended his second term, Hollywood has not given his presidency the attention granted to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy, who are regulars on the big screen.

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