Should You See 'Mean Girls' or 'Amelie' on Broadway? A Quiz

Both classic comedies are heading to the Broadway stage.

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Add "Amelie" – the womderful 2001 French romantic comedy about a shy Parisian woman's quest for love – to the list of movies being brought to the stage. Theater composer Hems Dan Messé confirmed to Paste Magazine this week that he had been commissioned to turn the film in to musical. Meanwhile, Playbill reported that "Legally Blonde" lyricist Nell Benjamin would be teaming up with Tina Fey and composer Jeffrey Richmond for a long-rumored "Mean Girls" Broadway adaptation.

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Both films are young women's coming-of-age tales and cult classics. "Amelie" is as French as they come, with a whimsical Montmartre setting, subtitles and a flair for the surrealist dramatics. "Mean Girls" is a great American pop masterpiece – boasting a "Saturday Night Live" cast and a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan – that continues to invade our everyday lives, including the White House Twitter feed. Now there's nothing to say you can't be a fan of both (and quite frankly, you should be). But Broadway tickets aren't cheap, so let's say you had to choose. Here, a quiz, to help you decide:

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