Has Made You a Pre-Date Playlist

Pop and classic rock get singles ready for a date; rap, metal and country kill the mood.


Justin Timberlake is popular pre-date music for guys, according to a survey.

By + More has teamed up with Spotify to uncover what jams their singles are grooving to while they get ready for what will surely be an incredibly awkward first date.

Their findings? That 79 percent of men and women consider rocking out to some tunes a "crucial part" of their pre-date ritual (ranking it right up there with bathing and chanting affirmations in front of a mirror, we presume).

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Women by 54 percent preferred to listen to Top 40/pop music before a date, while 57 percent of gents chose classic rock for their pre-date primping. Both sexes agreed that rap, country and heavy metal kill the romantic mood on a date.

Half of the men surveyed chose Justin Timberlake – whose most recent single's title inadvertently borrows the name of an anti-sexual violence organization – as their date music idol, and 40 percent selected Taylor Swift as their musical crush (an autobiographical breakup song is not included). Twenty-six percent of women like to channel Pink on first dates, making her their top choice, and rated Robin Thicke – singer of the controversial summer smash "Blurred Lines" – as their biggest musical crush. and Spotify have also made a pre-date playlist of their singles' top musical choices. Enjoy the next time you're praying that you are not about to be "Catfished."

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