What We Know So Far About the New iPhone

Here’s a roundup of the news that’s out there about the new iPhone(s) expected to come out in September.

Apple's new iPhone software version iOS 7 is unveiled during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference on June 10, 2013, in San Francisco, Calif.

Apple's new iPhone software version iOS 7, unveiled during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in June, will reportedly be released Sept. 10, 2013.

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Apple will release a new iPhone model on Sept. 10, according to reports from AllThingsD. The news beyond that is sketchy at this point - the tech news site cited only “sources,” and Apple has been tight-lipped on the news thus far. Here, U.S. News rounded up all the news that’s out there on Apple’s (reported) new smartphone.

What will it be called?

Though some are calling it the iPhone 6, the most commonly used name out there right now is iPhone 5S, following the naming scheme used for the iPhone 4 and the later-updated 4S. But Japanese blog Macotakara reported that a second model is coming as well: the iPhone 5C. According to PCMag, the “C” stands for “color,” allowing customers to get something other than the black and white that are currently the iPhone 5’s standard colors. But the more salient point about this model is the price: the 5C could be Apple’s attempt to finally get out of the upper end of the smartphone market. In June, Reuters said Apple was mulling a $99 iPhone that would be available in a variety of colors.

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What sort of software will it have?

The phone will run on iOS 7, says AllThingsD, an overhauled system that ZDnet called an "extreme makeover" from earlier systems in terms of its look and feel. The system allows users to more easily multitask between apps, for example, and features wallpaper that shifts as the phone moves, creating a sort of optical illusion of the icons moving over the background. The iPhone's voice-activated program Siri is also updated in iOS7.

Any nifty bells and whistles?

Several outlets report that there's the possibility of a fingerprint sensor built into the 5S's home button, which would be used for user identification. An improved camera and processor could also be in the works. There have also long been reports that Apple has been tinkering with larger screens, which could be a response to the large amounts of screen real estate that competitors such as Samsung and Nokia have on many of their models.

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What does Apple have to say?

Nothing. U.S. News did not receive immediate comment from Apple, but the company has been tight-lipped to other media outlets as well.

"We don't comment on rumors," an Apple spokesperson told USA Today.

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