Sheryl Sandberg Pulls in $91 Million from Facebook Shares Sale

The Facebook COO sells off 5 percent of her stock holdings for a hefty payday.

Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook delivers a speech during Global Women Leadership Summit on July 2, 2013,  in Tokyo, Japan.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg sold 5 percent of her ownership stake in the company.

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Sheryl Sandberg recently sold off nearly 2.4 million shares of Facebook stock, according to a regulatory filing, bringing in $91 million for the company's COO.

The massive sale comes a week after Facebook's stock surpassed the company's IPO price of $38 per share. The company's stock price famously fell after a May 2012 public offering, eventually bottoming out at around $18 per share in the fall of 2012. Over the last month, the stock has rallied to just above its IPO price, finishing out Monday at $38.22 per share.

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Though she may have been waiting for this moment, she has also periodically sold off smaller chunks of her massive stock holdings. Her latest sale of 2.4 million shares only represents around 5 percent of her total ownership of Facebook, giving her plenty of room for more sales if the stock continues to climb.

How does $91 million stack up? Even for the wealthy Sandberg, it's a large payday, equal to more than three times what she makes annually at the company. According to Bloomberg, the Facebook COO's total estimated annual compensation for 2012 was $26.2 million. It's a small fraction of her net worth, however, which Forbes last year put at $2.7 billion. At the very least, however, it's more than enough to totally dominate in a game of FarmVille.

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